Non-Business Attire For Jennifer Aniston In January's GQ
By Omar P.L. Moore/The Popcorn Reel
December 12, 2008

The woman formerly known as Brad Pitt's wife is still coming to terms with Mr. Pitt's controversial migration to Oscar winner Angelina Jolie.  While Jennifer Aniston may continue to smart from the break up, she isn't afraid to express her feelings about it, as she has recently according to various published reports, nor has she been shy about showing her body either.  The pictures below are from January 2009's GQ magazine.  The ties that bind, Brad, the ties that bind!

The picture on the left is the one you will see on the cover of next month's GQ.  All of the pictures, taken by Michael Thompson, can be seen online by clicking here.

Jennifer Aniston, 40, stars in the comedy film "Marley And Me", which opens on Christmas Day.  The film also stars Owen Wilson.  Ms. Aniston was memorable in the film "The Good Girl" and has been a stand out in several other independent films.  She has said in an interview that she would like to play a mother at some point.  Ms. Aniston, who has been linked to musician John Mayer, says in an interview that she wishes she had children and still believes that it will happen for her.

Here's hoping that Ms. Aniston can get back to playing roles where she has chances to display the acting talent she has exhibited in the past.

Photos by Michael Thompson

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