Dressed Down For Berry Good Things

Halle Berry in photos appearing in Esquire Magazine in April 2007.  (Photos: Cliff Watts/Esquire)

June 12, 2008/The Popcorn Reel

Readers of Esquire Magazine will be familiar with these pictures of Halle Berry, which first appeared in the magazine in April 2007, in conjunction with a story that she co-wrote for it, as well as the release of her film "Perfect Stranger", which died a rapid death at the box office in North America shortly after its debut, succumbing to bad reviews from numerous film critics.  Since the initial publication of the Esquire article last year, the Academy Award winner became pregnant and expects to give birth within the next couple of months.

Ms. Berry is scheduled to be reunited onscreen with her co-star Billy Bob Thornton from the controversial "Monster's Ball" in the upcoming film release from LionsGate, "Tulia".

On the Esquire magazine website a section entitled "Women We Love" offers candid photo portfolios of film actresses in somewhat revealing or provocative poses.  Of special note are photos of Monica Bellucci, who appears in at least one explicit leave-it-to-the-imagination shot.

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