Michael Moore Slacks Off, For Free

Michael Moore gives his new movie away for free on the Internet beginning on Tuesday.

By Omar P.L. Moore/The Popcorn Reel
September 21, 2008

During the eight middle months of 2004, American filmmaker Michael Moore vigorously toured college campuses and universities across the United States to get the youth vote out for John Kerry, the then Democratic presidential nominee.  He wooed his 20-something-aged audiences with pairs of socks and ramen noodles and continuously spoke about the importance of voting and getting involved in the political process.

Ultimately Mr. Moore's efforts fell short as Senator Kerry was victimized by the theft of votes in Ohio and more than 60 million Americans voted for another term of Republican George W. Bush. 

Now, four years later, with the most important presidential election arguably in U.S. history, the youth vote will play a monumental role in determining who the next president of the United States will be. 

To that end, the populist liberal filmmaker this week makes his new documentary film available for free download beginning on Tuesday. 

Dubbed "Michael Moore's Slacker Uprising" (the film was once called "Captain Mike Across America" and in the custody of the Weinstein Company), the DVD, which is available for sale and contains extras, will also be released on Tuesday by Brave New Films.  The entire film will be available for free download starting on Tuesday but first you have to sign up at Slacker Uprising to get the download link sent your way.  (The film will be posted on The Popcorn Reel for viewing beginning on Wednesday.)

Mr. Moore, who has written a newly published book called Mike's Election Guide 2008, a humorous look at how to prepare for the presidential election on November 4, is currently at work on his next documentary, tentatively titled While America Slept.  Although the Flint, Michigan filmmaker traditionally doesn't disclose the subject matter of films he is working on, there are rumors that the film will be about the decline of America as an empire, a cautionary tale that will serve as a wake-up call, in the same way that "Fahrenheit 9/11" did four years ago.

For those reading this who want to check their voting status, or wish to register to vote before the all-important deadlines, which are listed below for each state, you can take a look and contact your state's secretary of state for more information:

Deadline to register to vote in each state:  
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Contact the secretary of state in your state:   click here

Other questions about voting and checking registration:   click here

Popcorn Reel Voting Resource Page  click here

"Michael Moore's Slacker Uprising" trailer:

Trailer courtesy and copyright Michael Moore/Brave New Films.  Copyright The Popcorn Reel.  PopcornReel.com.  2008.  All Rights Reserved.


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