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Sundance 2008: January 17-January 27, 2008


 January 24, 2008
 Dennis Dortch's "Good Day" Characters:
 Young, Gifted and Black, With Sex Appeal

 January 24, 2008
 The Sudan, Adoption, an Art Star, and

 January 24, 2008

 How To Dance In The Sun When Snow Is All You

 January 23, 2008


 Bongiorno Heartbreak, Or Watch Out For That
 Giovanni Fella

 January 23, 2008

 A Quick Word With Sean Ellis


 January 23, 2008

 Park City: Where The Heat Isn't  

January 14, 2008

 In Utah, A Marvelous Time for a Sundance

 Stanley Tucci directs himself and Patricia Clarkson,
 left, in "Blind Date", part of the Spectrum Narrative
 Feature Competition at this year's festival.