zack & miri make a porno

WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY KEVIN SMITH  Distributor: The Weinstein Company Rated R  Released in the U.S. and Canada on October 31, 2008

By Omar P.L. Moore/The Popcorn Reel
December 8, 2008

There isn't a sweeter, sexier let-it-all-hang out romantic comedy this year than "Zack And Miri Make A Porno", and that includes "Forgetting Sarah Marshall".  Kevin Smith directs Seth Rogen as Zack and Elizabeth Banks as Miri, platonic friends virtually from birth, who are in a money crunch in their Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania apartment, which they will be evicted from if they don't pay the rent.   Unemployed and in dire straits, Zack suggests making a pornography flick.  From there things get complicated and interesting.  Elizabeth Banks is the reason to see Mr. Smith's film -- her performance is deeper than the film perhaps requires.  Traci Lords is funny as Bubbles, a porn actress, in a parody of her former self.  There's also good work by the rest of the ensemble cast: Craig Robinson, Brandon Routh, Justin Long, Katie Morgan, Jason Mewes and an unrecognizable Tisha Campbell-Martin.

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